Wednesday, 25 May 2011

liza lou

i feel like it has been forever since i last posted anything. i have been busy making a few new things and will post some pictures of them soon. in the mean time, i thought i would do a post about one of my favorite artists, liza lou.

i first saw liza's work on roseanne barr's talk show sometime in the 90s. my first reaction to her "backyard" and "kitchen" installations, after that initial pang for not thinking of such a fantastic idea myself, was total and complete awe. you have to have a whole lot of dedication and maybe a bit of crazy to create such beautiful pieces of work. i can't even fathom the amount of time it took to bead and create beaded components for them. each blade of grass is made of beads. every plate, cup, item, surface is beaded. i harbored fantasies for a while of trying my hand at a similar project, but after spending about a month trying to bead and sequin a bowl of plastic fruit, sore-thumbed and disillusioned by how long that alone took, i gave up.

the exhibition was in london some years ago and i'm so bummed i missed it because i think it would have been breath-taking to see it in person. if i ever win the lottery, i am going to commission her to bead'll think of something!



  1. I just can't even fathom the kind of brain you would have to have to do this kind of work! Breath taking isn't it!!

  2. I am having blogger problems and I have tried to comment twice already, grr, 3rd time lucky? These are amazing, I would not even manage a single bowl let alone a whole kitchen lol. Thanks for the nice comments on my scribble blog, I hope to post again soon (damn blogger). And well one on Bliss magazine, your work is really lovely.

  3. i have a book with loads of pictures of both installations and looking at them up close is fantastic. she had A LOT of help as you would imagine. she has asterisks by each persons name corresponding with how many hundreds or thousands blades of grass they made. she also did a piece called "trailer" where she beaded an entire trailer in a more monochrome. i would love to be part of such a project. one of her most recent works is a barbed wire fence. you can see more of her work here:

    you're welcome val, i do really love the sketches.
    you should check out tracey broomes pottery. it is really nice. she makes very sweet little houses which i love. x