Monday, 30 April 2012

work work and more fucking work!

                                                                                                                                                                    i never seem to have time to write or post anything anymore! i say that, although i could probably count hours and hours that i waste where i could be way more productive, but just seem to ignore that fact. i have been working at the restaurant pretty much full time ( if not 50 hours a week sometimes) so i am so burned out most of the time and REALLY look forward to sept when texas and tennessee will both be in school full time ( although i WILL miss them terribly...already do) but i feel i am ready to finally get a bit of my life back and focus on jewellery and other stuff again!

i just thought i would put up a quick post (since my last was in february) to direct you to scotts blog. he has been working on some promotion for himself to send out to various art directors/commissioners etc...based on LOST pet posters and dealing with different aspects of loss/being lost. i thought they were pretty damn cool. this is just a choice few he posted. my favorite is the last one...i also can't remember if i mentioned his shop in any posts so i am including a link to that too...