Saturday, 19 February 2011

*charm holder giveaway*

i thought if i want to well and truly bring back the charm holder, i need to do a giveaway and get the party started. if you would like to win one of the "i heart music" charm holders, you have 2 chances to win.

competition #1:
to enter, just "like" my facebook "ruby dixie jewelry" page. all new "likes" will be instantly entered in the giveaway. if you already "like" the ruby dixie jewelry facebook page and want to enter, just post your name on the wall and i will add you to the list. the competition closes on march 6th. the first name drawn out of my mr. potato head on march 7th will win. you will be notified on the day.

competition #2:
if you miss out and want a second chance, go to check out their "giveaways" section and enter there. their competition runs july 17-30th.

good luck!

Friday, 18 February 2011

scottie's magazine cover

my lovely boyfriend scott illustrated a very sweet magazine cover for the "bohemia village voice" magazine
( a fantastic mag edited by my brilliant friend sarah janes). i meant to post this on valentines day, but... my procrastination messed me right up. it always does....
if you want to check out his website, the address is my favorite is his "parallel universe" strip he used to do for the independent newspaper.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

spend your spring/summer in the 70's

in the 1970's in california there wasn't a cool girl around that didn't wear a charm holder. they came in   real gold or sterling silver or with sweet enamel images like hearts, butterflies, rainbows (just to name a few) and that's what we've got! original, old stock 1970s charm holders. we have started them off with a few charms, but you can always add more if you see a little trinket/charm you love. perfect for this spring/summer 70s look. slip on those high-waisted bell bottoms, gunne sax blouses and platform sandals and add one of these baby's to complete the look.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

valentines day is on the way!

i have been super busy cooking up loads of new sparkles this week. valentines day will soon be here and although i think you should buy beautiful, sparkly, kitschy love (and other) themed jewels all year round, things definitely step up this time of year. i have been going through my enormous collection of boxes  and tubs and trays of charms and have dug up some beauties. here are a few pix... all treasure is available for purchase from