Monday, 10 October 2011

a lovely urn for hank...

wow... i don't post for ages and then all of a sudden i have so much i want to post about! i just checked out my scottie's blog and saw his post on the pot he has made for my little hanks ashes. it's brilliant. hopefully it will survive being fired. scott has such a natural talent for pottery. i also wanted to mention that he has just totally redone his website and added a shop where he has some of his prints for sale and some other cool bits so go have a browse!

ruby dixie winter collection

i seriously can't believe how long it has been since i have posted anything on this blog! i have been so busy working on this new collection ( and moonlighting a few nights a week working in a really cool new restaurant that just opened a couple of months ago...really good stories from there! ) so i have completely ignored pretty much everything internet/blog related. i am hoping to have everything on line by the end of next week, but here is a little preview... watch this space for restaurant horror stories!