Thursday, 5 May 2011

irina werning

as a lot of my friends know, i am a slightly obsessed with the past. not just through my love for most collectables/memorabilia etc... pre (and including some) 1980's, but also anything that triggers that hazy, sun-drenched, coppertone-scented, blue-skied, super 8 movie of my childhood. the one that plays in my mind probably a lot more than it should.

i own one 70's orange, black and yellow floral "magnetic" photo album from my childhood that houses a handful of pix from the time i was born until i was maybe 10. there are so few photos in it for as much life that was lived. i remember seeing the movie "imagine", a documentary of john lennon's life, when i was about 13 and there seemed to be hundreds of home movies taken of his kids and his life and i was so envious of all that life that was captured on film. the day to day moments that looking back on would be like reading a diary... only better. i dreamt of seeing home movies of my brothers and i when we were growing up and forever secretly wished some might exist somewhere. i really treasure the photos i do have.

when i was studying at london college of fashion years ago, for a project, i had the idea of taking a polaroid a day of myself and then write a diary entry on it and a friend told me she thought that was a bit excessive. i have seen quite a few people since who have done just that and i get annoyed with myself i didn't just go ahead with my plan.

i came across these photos from buenos aires photographer irina wernings project "back to the future"  and thought they were so cool. i loved the idea of recreating the old photo.

 you can find more here on her website.


  1. My mom had my portrait done when I was three in a beautiful rose colored velvet dress, that I still have. When my daughter was 3 I had her portrait made in the dress and then had the photo of me and the one of her framed side my side in the same frame. You can hardly tell who is who, we looked so much alike, and my mom cried of course! I would love to do something like this, I have hardly changed at all haha!

  2. wow tracey that is so cool. i'd love to see that. can you post it? c'mon... you can't still cram yourself into a dress for a 3 year old???? x
    ps... thank you for reading my blog. x