Saturday, 13 August 2011

paris rocks!

whoa... i was really curious about why i seemed to have so many people looking at the "paris rocks" earrings on the ruby dixie website. every day there are TONS of people looking at them, but in comparison, not that many people buying them. in my google analytics, "paris rocks" is googled a HELL of a lot. so i  googled "paris rocks" and er...  my first click filled my computer screen with the gigantic image of the cooch of a nude "model" (all the "models" are 18 or over). there isn't even a page that sort of leads you into the website... just as soon as you click, giant vagina. the disappointment must be overwhelming.

i think i'm going to change the name...


  1. Good thing you were curious enough to check it out Jakki lol

  2. These are a very cute pair of earrings!