Sunday, 26 June 2011

carry on camping...

a few weeks back we went to a birthday party in the woods and it was fantastic. my friends mom owns about 70 acres of a wood in a sweet little town called appledore. it was so tranquil and beautiful and adjacent to a massive field which the farmer may or may not have been totally pissed off we were running through. but he never came and told us off, so i figure we're good.
so my big plan has been to get our own tent so we can spend the summer as nomads... exploring new places... adventure is out there... where we pitch our tent is home... slightly idealistic i know, but...i can't let myself think of the reality.

my ideal camping situation would involve a beautiful airstream, but since i'm pretty sure i will never own one, i have been watching tents obsessively on ebay... as though i have nothing else to do... waiting for my dream tent to come along. pretty much to scott's horror, i haven't been looking at anything practical. i'm just all about the aesthetics. which the entire family will probably suffer for. as soon as discovered vintage frame tents i fell in love.

i have eaten, slept and breathed tents... absolutely massive tents that slept up to 12, tents with kitchens added-on, tents with bathroom areas, tents that were completely like just bringing your house with you and i have had to let most of them go when they got to crazy money. but tonight, i nearly felt my heart beat out of my chest when i won this little beauty in the last 5 seconds of the auction for not too much moolah. sure, i don't know if it will leak ...sadly, i don't think there are any instructions to tell me how to put it up... it probably won't even fit in my car, but i love looking at it. it's bright and happy (and i pray to god waterproof) and i hope we get to put it to good use.


  1. That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I just spent a week in Maine living in our old North Face tent that is about 25 years old, I was thinking that we are needing a larger tent that I can stand up in to dress, getting too old for the laying down dressing thing! Just get some plastic for a ground cloth and some seam sealer and you should be good to go, or camp only when there is no rain! We had a new phenomena happen to us, the tent started forming condensation and it rained inside the tent, pretty much sucked but what can you do, we just dried everything out in the sun two days later :)

  2. thanks tracey! that is totally my plan...only camp in glorious sunshine! i am going to look at your blog. scott said you'd been camping. i think these tents also have the tendency to rain inside, so i'm going to have to make sure to waterproof it. it has built in groundsheets. i think you need one of these babies... plenty of room to stand up. my next mission is to find loads of vintage bits to go with it! i can hear scott's blood pressure rising. x

  3. it looks totally beautiful and amazing! I am customising ours which was from Halfords, but once its done altho not vintage, will hopefully do us all proud! enjoy your fantastic tent - soon! Angie xxx