Sunday, 23 January 2011

love is in the air

i have been busy this week making some new treasure for the website for valentines day. i have managed 3 new bracelets so far. it's amazing how time consuming it is to try and figure out what looks best where! although i love using lots of color and kitsch images and sparkle, one of my favorites is a bracelet i made with all vintage 1960s/70s "love" charms (perfect for your girl). a lot of these style of charms have been re-made in recent years from vintage tooling, but the ones i used are original.

a few years ago, when i was back home in the states, i was at a swap meet and met a woman who had bought the entire stock of an old warehouse. in that stock, among other things, were boxes of these vintage charms. it was an absolute treasure trove! i bought two boxes without even really looking through them and years later, i am still using them. a lot of them were made to be engraved and have spaces incorporated into the design. some of the charms were actually already engraved. my favorite is a heart that has two blanks and says "......loves......". engraved in the spaces are "steve" and "mohammed".
i wonder if they will still be celebrating together this valentines day...

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